Victorian Bed and Breakfast | Savannah, GA

Happy Anniversary!

We are celebrating the 125th Anniversary of our Victorian home:  The Park Avenue Manor.

ParkAveManor    1889-plaque-feathered

The Park Avenue Manor property was originally built in 1889 as two townhouses (joined by a common wall) in the Italianate architecture of the time.  The structure was built for Ms. Ellen Kelly who lived in one townhouse and rented the other for income.  During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Ms. Kelly opened up the entire property as a boarding house.  After her passing, the property was sold several times and eventually fell into disrepair and was condemned.

In 1995 the property was purchased at auction by Jonathan Santarosio.  Mr. Santarosio spent two years restoring the entire building.  He designed large doorways in the center wall, allowing the two townhomes to be used as one structure.  He furnished the rooms with authentic antique furniture, added bathrooms to all the upstairs rooms and converted the dining room and kitchen on the 109 side into private living quarters.  Mr. Santarosio opened the property as the Park Avenue Manor Bed and Breakfast in 1997.

In 2002, the property and business was sold to Murray Sauerbrei and Kathy Bush.  Murray and Kathy continued operating the Inn until 2009, when they sold it to current owners Maurice Norman and Glenn Gaylord. In 2015 Park Avenue Manor changed hands and was bought by Sabrina Stough and becomes a sister property to the Paradise Bed and Breakfast located in Catonsville, Maryland.  The Inn has maintained a true Victorian style and charm throughout the years, where southern hospitality and comfort are a must!

We celebrate this 125 year milestone with beautiful new pictures on our website taken by Andrew Forino. Happy Anniversary, Park Avenue Manor!